Exclusive Interview: Sofia Black D’Elia Talks “Project Almanac,” “The Messengers,” and “Viral”

STEPPING UP TO THE PLATE. From troubled teen to sci-fi heroine, Sofia Black D’Elia takes on every role with a definite spring in her step. This is part of her story, as told to DA MAN

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Having cut her teeth on acting through the long-running “All My Children” TV series, Sofia Black D’Elia deftly stepped into the gritty world of teen drama—including the uber-controversial “Skins”—and now heads into sci-fi territory while shoring up her presence on the big screen. Yet, the rising star is still just as enthusiastic about her career as she is about the more down-to-earth bits of life.

DA MAN: Hi Sofia, “Project Almanac” is just hitting theaters right now. How was your experience filming this movie?
Sofia Black D’Elia: Filming “Project Almanac” was an incredible experience. The cast and crew quickly became a family, and we absolutely loved working together.

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DA: Did filming a found-footage movie provide any unique challenges?
SD: Found-footage is such an exciting medium, and, luckily, Dean was more than prepared to lead us on that journey. As actors, we were given a lot of freedom to play within the circumstances to make the scenes feel as real as possible.

DA: Another show we’re highly anticipating is the upcoming “The Messengers.” Can you tell us about your role in this TV series?
SD: What drew me to “The Messengers” was the character, Erin Calder. She’s a young single mom, struggling to find her voice and her strength. I was thrilled to play someone with such great responsibility.

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DA: With “Project Almanac” under your belt and now “The Messengers” as well as “Viral,” how do you like doing science-fiction films so far?
SD: I love doing science-fiction-themed projects. It’s fun to try to convince yourself of these crazy, other-worldly ideas and be thrown into other universes.

DA: What was it like promoting “Project Almanac” at last year’s Comic-Con?
SD: Promoting “Project Almanac” Comic Con was a blast. It was my first time there, so Hall H was a bit intimidating but we were thrilled to share the movie with fans of the genre.

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DA: For most people, your real breakout role was as the beautiful but troubled Tea Marvelli in the US adaptation of “Skins.” Do you feel that it’s a hallmark of your career?
SD: Playing Tea is one of my prouder moments. The set of “Skins” is where I fell in love with acting and playing complicated young women. Working with [series creator] Bryan Elsley was an honor and a privilege.

DA: Your character in “Skins” was hailed as a fan favorite since early in the series’ run. How did this recognition make you feel?
SD: I am so happy that Tea connected to people. I think that the young LBGT community needs as much representation in film and television as possible.

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