Smooth skincare for the rugged gent: Dior Sauvage Face Cleanser and Mask

Crafted for the rugged working man, Dior’s Sauvage Face Cleanser and Mask combines two superb functionalities in one masculine package

The Dior Sauvage ritual is now completed by the innovative Sauvage Face Cleanser and Mask. This versatile skincare product doubles as both a face cleanser and a mask, enveloping the skin in the captivating woody and aromatic notes of Sauvage. It’s formulated with 85-percent natural-origin ingredients and features a cactus extract renowned for its exfoliating and purifying properties.

To use as a cleanser, simply create a lather with the lightweight foam in the palm of your hand with a little water, then apply to damp skin and rinse. As a mask, work the product into a lather with your fingertips before applying to the face. then leave it on for one minute and rinse off. The Sauvage Face Cleanser and Mask is available at all Dior Beauty Boutiques and Counters.