Firming Gels for Rock-Hard Abs

From ‘Joe 6-pack’ to 6-pack abs

Those of us who have tried and failed or tried and not quite succeeded, know just how incredibly frustrating it can be to attempt to sculpt a set of washboard abs out of that misshapen beer receptacle. It’s all about strengthening abdominal core muscles while reducing body fat. The concept is simple enough, but achieving it requires commitment and dedication, regimen change, proper diet and hydration, daily exercise, time and lots of patience. It makes sense that eating properly and busting out a hardcore workout every now and then would help the process along, but who knew rubbing a bit of cream on your stomach could help do some toning and fat-trimming too? These sculpting and firming gels do a number of things that range from complementing physical exercise and tightening abdominal skin to toning and smoothing body skin for a firmer look.

Biotherm Homme

Abdosculpt Body Firming Gel

This skin-tightening treatment is designed specifically to firm the stomach area and contains active natural plant ingredients to help tone and smooth body skin. The lotion is non-sticky and instantly absorbed by skin and can offer visibly firmer skin within a month of regular treatment. Available at Glów-Living Beauty Plaza Indonesia

Lab Series

Ab Rescue Body Sculpting Gel

This gel from Lab Series is actually a post-workout treatment, meant for use in conjunction with your daily fitness program. The energizing formula helps tighten and tone the skin on the abdominal area. Formulated with soya protein and caffeine, the gel is to be massaged vigorously into the abdomen after your workout until it is completely absorbed for a healthier, firmer look. Available at Glów-Living Beauty Plaza Indonesia

Clarins Men

Ab Firming Body Toning Gel

This invigorating body-contouring gel supplements your physical training and stimulates reduction of excess body fat in abdominal areas and the waistline. The gel rapidly dissolves into the skin in order to firm abdominal area and sculpt the body and tone the skin.

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