Sisley for Men

ALL-NATURAL SOLUTION. Sisley is a pioneer in phyto-socmetology, relying on nature to provide ingredients to it’s many products

Sisley may not be the only skincare company that uses plants as its main ingredients, but it’s certainly one of, if not, the first companies to do that.

In fact, founder Hubert d’Ornano is the man who pioneered Phyto-cosmetology, which has become Sisley‘s signature and can now be found in its men’s skincare collection.

The whole range, although having the same natural components as its feminine counterpart, has been adapted to accommodate men’s skin and its problems.

The products come in matte, lightweight textures and are made to work in the simplest and quickest ways.

Some of the key items in the collection include Ecological Compound moisturizer, which should be used after shaving to protect skin from pollution, and the practical Facial Mask with Tropical Resins Extracts, which can be applied locally on blemishes.

There’s also the all-in-one Botanical Shampoo, which cleanses, revitalizes and prevents dandruff at the same time, and an Extract for Hair and Scalp, which helps hair growth.