Silvarrie’s new Walkway Collection

ABOVE AND BEYOND. Silvarrie transcends the boundaries of time and space with its Walkway collection

The Vanni Walkway backpack in caramel red

Some time ago, leather-goods brand Silvarrie collaborated with noted designer Ai Syarif to hold a fashion show around the world promoting Indonesian culture. This included appearances at the Denhaag Fashion Show in the Netherlands and The Art Workers’ Guild at London as well as a photoshoot session in Seoul, Korea, in front of the Dongdaemun Design Plaza.

Beyond Borders

“Local wisdom, go global. Local made, go international.” This was the message that Silvarrie wanted to convey through its fashion shows. It should be noted, however, that this is not the first time that Silvarrie had gone global. As a matter of fact, Silvarrie Walkway was presented last February at La Moda U.K. in Birmingham.
This time, Silvarrie Walkway, in collaboration with Ai Syarif, took the theme of Bali, as showcased by its traditional Balinese textiles in the clothes which is expertly matched with Silvarrie’s own Walkway collection. A particularly memorable piece was Silvarrie’s camel-colored MacBook case bag paired with a batik top and a Balinese udheng (headband), which is a good way to add little traditional touches to a modern piece.

“Silvarrie walkway will create a lifestyle that melts the past tense into a contemporary present.”

Of course, the Silvarrie Walkway collection does a lot more than complement traditional Indonesian attire. Due to its simple and polished design, Silvarrie’s collection of leather bags boasts incredible versatility and can be worn with just about any getup you can think of. The Vanni Walkway Backpack in Caramel Red, for instance, goes very well with a casual white shirt and jeans combination. The Truman Walkway Messenger Bag, meanwhile, goes along quite well with, say, a pastel-colored suit to add a dose of elegance and flair to your look.

Silvarrie‘s Walkway collection

Attitude, Art & Timeless

From pieces for formal occasions to more casual options, the Walkway collection features a wide range of leather bags that transcends both time and style. This is what the inspiration of the collection is all about: The people who seek individuality and those with a keen passion on art. These two personalities embody the meaning of Silvarrie’s lion head emblem—quality and aesthetics—as the brand strives to create collections for the modern man who aspires to stand out.
“Silvarrie Walkway will create a lifestyle that melts the past tense into a contemporary present,” a Silvarrie representative said in an official statement. “[This is] an era of design where we have to stress who we are at every moment, details in every task we are engaged in, a perseverance to preserve the design, character, strength and clarity of the concept.”
To achieve its goal of combining past sensibilities and contemporary trends, the entirety of Silvarrie’s Walkway collection is driven by high-quality materials and superb craftsmanship. Each piece is made using high quality cow leather and is handcrafted according to stringent standards. On top of all that, the bag’s resilient hand-finishing ensures that your belongings remain snug and secure while, of course, helping you create a sophisticated and dashing look to face each new day in style.