Shorts pants with a suit are having a moment this season!

Long pants are so passé. Wearing short pants with a suit is all the rage this season. It’s a great summery look. Dior Homme, Fendi and Versace are among the brands championing the short pants with a suit this season.

How do you pull it off?

1. Soft, pastel shades

Nothing screams spring/summer than a lighter color palette. Try soft, pastel —almost powdery— shades for a literal cool look. You’ll need it especially in high summer.

Patterned short pants with a suit at Fendi SS18

2. Loco for Mono

You know what they say. When in doubt, go for mono. To us, this is the perfect ‘short pants with a suit’ look for beginners.

Striped short pants with a suit at Versace SS18

3. Sock it up

Wear socks to complete that formal-casual look. You can go for a camel-hued pair like the example below or opt for wild patterns, prints, and colors. Might as well just go all the way with your fashion experimentation, right?

Elastic waistband short pants with a suit at Gucci SS18

4. Have it tailor made

There is an abundance of ready-to-wear shorts. But to nail this ‘short pants with a suit’ look, you’ve got to have it tailor made. It should fit you well—not too tight on the crotch (avoid camel toe at all times) and sexy enough to give you a nice butt shape. Most importantly, you should be able to move comfortably.

Formal-Casual short pants with a suit at Dries Van Noten SS18

5. Don’t skip leg day

We couldn’t stress this enough. It’s good for your health. It’s good for fashion.

Black wool short pants with a suit at Dior Homme SS18

Optional fashion tip: Shave your legs(?)