Shangri-La Jakarta Welcomes Toshiyuki Okabe As The New Japanese Chef At Nishimura

The new Chef’s leadership and expertise invites guests to indulge in a delectable authentic Japanese dining experience that is bound to impress

From the freshest sushi and sashimi to popular teppanyaki and traditional hot pots, Nishimura at Shangri-La Jakarta has been the go-to place for a well-rounded Japanese dining experience. Last October, Shangri-La Jakarta is delighted to welcome Toshiyuki Okabe as its new Japanese Chef at Nishimura and lead the kitchen at the Japanese restaurant. Chef Toshiyuki Okabe, originally from Kumagaya, has built his career from 1996 by starting his journey in a Tokyo’s 5-star hotel Japanese restaurant and worked on assignments for numerous multinational hotel chains and Michelin-starred restaurants not only in Japan but also India, Egypt, Thailand and Sri Lanka. And now, his brilliance and years of experience have brought him to Jakarta to helm Shangri-La Jakarta’s Nishimura.

Chef Okabe have learned how to make Japanese traditional style cuisine decades ago and his passion for authentic Japanese dishes in a way is a form of his love for his home country and culture. All his education, training and experiences in Japan has inspired and developed his interest in the culinary art and propel him into pursuing his professional career.

Under Chef Okabe’s direction, guests are invited to awaken their palates with an unforgettable authentic Japanese dining. For example, the traditional sesame tofu or Goma tofu, a platter of fresh and unique Japanese delicacies that will charm guests with its wonderful flavor. While Goma tofu is usually made with dashi, sesame seeds and starch, Chef Okabe’s creation of this traditional dish is made with sesame as the main ingredient, as opposed to soybeans. Chef Okabe carefully grinds the sesame seeds into  a smooth paste then mix it with water and starch then heats it until curdling occurs. Following a stirring technique with a constant tempo, Chef Okabe construct the perfect texture for the dish.

And even though the it only contain a few ingredients, it still offers an outstanding flavors.  Another highlight and staple menu to pamper guests’ taste buds is the combination of premium meat, Uni, avocado and green leaves, with a delectable blend of fresh and delicious seasonings wrapped flawlessly in scrumptious Uni sushi creations.

Indulge your senses in Nishimura Shangri-La Jakarta, reserve your table by simply click here to visit the hotel’s website, and send an e-mail to or call +6221 2922 9999.