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Sex and Technology

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The year is 2018. these days, sexual content is easier than ever to come by than ever. How? Let’s put it this way: Right now, a man (or a woman) doesn’t even have to go to a rental chain movie store anymore to see porn. All you have to do is find the will to search anything about porn (a movie or even a pornstar) that you want to know or like through the world wide web via a search engine, and the rest is history.

Needless to say, the Internet has drastically changed the way spend our leisure time, the way we communicate with one another and the way we work. On top of that, technology has also transformed the way we fall in love, the way we relate to each other and the myriad way we try to make it more interesting. And this then extends to the way we have sex.

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First of all, what is sex tech? In a nutshell, sex tech is any kind of technology designed with the intention of enhancing human sexuality and human sexual experience. It’s like the act of having sex with someone and having sex with yourself, with the technology placed exactly between that. Case in point: There are many ways you can virtually “get down to business.” From having sex through Virtual Reality (VR) systems, cutting-edge sex dolls, to the wide range of sex toys currently on the market. In some of the wildest ways imaginable, through these rather perverse technologies, the very idea of having carnal pleasure becomes limitless.

While technology continues to create a lot of possibilities for better orgasms and more imaginative experiences concentrated on the individual, a largely uninvestigated area is how these innovations will slowly change intimacy or impact the mutual experience you create with others. In other words, the technology not only attempts to innovate but also disrupt the pure human sexual experience.

“In some of the wildest ways imaginable, through these rather perverse technologies, the very idea of having carnal pleasure becomes limitless”


What is the first thing popped into our minds when it comes something unfamiliar. Is it safe? Short answer? Yes. Long answer? From a sexual health standpoint, it’s also a yes. But then again, what about the mental health aspect? Even though it is probably the safest kind of sex out there (STDs definitely rely on the old-fashioned way) because sex with technology is basically just simultaneous masturbation. However, you have to remember: One never knows exactly how much is too much. Don’t get addicted to it. If you’re experiencing too much sex through technology, you will—more often than not—be unable to act out in real life whenever have the chance to get in touch and build intimacy with a real human. Why? As we may already know, when it becomes more of an addiction, even the most positive activity can become a problem, mainly one of dependence and unrealistic expectations.


Even though “sex tech” is somewhat of a new term, it is worth watching out for. We can’t deny that technology is everywhere and relates to every aspect of life, including sex and relationship. We can also explore the technologies that have revolutionized our relationship with sex. As time goes by, virtual sex, cybersex and just about any kind sex through technology continues to grow in popularity, as it provides yet another way to virtually meet and, in fact, hook-up with a partner. These kinds of innovations in sex tech will allow us to experience, express and understand our sexuality in ways we never thought possible, whether you may to try it regularly or just on nights when you want to spice things up a bit. Now, only one question remains. Are you ready to give it a try?