Secretariat – DVD/Blu-ray

The inspiring true story of an incredible horse, Secretariat, starring John Malkovich and Drew Roy.

Stars: John Malkovich, Diane Lane, James Cromwell, Drew Roy
Director: Randall Wallace

He made the cover of Time, Newsweek and Sports Illustrated magazines at the height of the Watergate scandal; ESPN voted him into its top 100 Athletes of the Century, Time voted him top 20, ahead of the likes of undefeated boxer Rocky Marciano and dual-sport superstar Deion Sanders. He wasn’t even human. He was Secretariat, the horse. This is his story.

People might think, ‘oh these big-time horse breeders, it’s easy for them, they just pick a talented one from their huge stable and train it.’ But that wasn’t the case at all with Secretariat. He was the ultimate underdog from the day he was born. First off, he was raised in a fairly normal middle-class family farm with financial difficulties; not one of these high-powered multimillion-dollar stables that turn out champions by the dozen.

His main caretaker, played by Diane Lane, has to fight the “good ol’ boy network” just to get Secretariat properly trained and into a race, because she was seen as an outsider. It’s a great story that captivated the world in the 1970s and Malkovich is phenomenal. It also stars Drew Roy and James Cromwell.

Special Features on the DVD
• “Heart of A Champion”
• Three Deleted Scenes with audio commentary by director Randall Wallace
• Music video by AJ Michalka “It’s Who You Are”

Here’s the official trailer: