Scents: Jean Paul Gaultier

STAR-CROSSED LOVERS. Following the footsteps of the infamous starcrossed lovers, Romeo and Juliet, is Jean Paul Gaultier’s fragrance duo, Classique and Le Male.

Jean Paul Gaultier Daman Magazine

In the latest installment of the epic fragrance campaign, the love story continues between the two fragrances. This time, the irresistible Rianne Ten Haken is Classique, while Jarrod Scott embodies the very essence of Le Male fragrance in a short film entitled “On the Docks,” directed by Johnny Green. Jarrod Scott as Le Male appears carnal, sensuous and bold in Gaultier’s classic sailor shirt. With notes of wormwood, cumin and cardamom artfully mixed with lavender, orange blossom and vanilla, this is one fragrance that stands the test of time.