SCENTS: Bond No. 9 Bleecker Street

NINE TO MINE. There’s a close connection between space and scents. That’s what Bond No. 9 is all about.

The moniker pays homage to the address of the headquarters boutique at 399 Bond Street, in NoHo. In a similar vein, its array of olfactory creations explores the many corners of New York – the honorable city Bond No. 9 captivates in smell. The bohemian spirit of Bleecker Street, West Village – the glittering lane at night packed with partygoers and free-spirited artists
– is translated into a color-burst bottle, courtesy of fashion designer and water color painter Rachel Katz. For the unisex fragrance, perfume connoisseur David Apel creates the accent gourmand, woody scent that actually suits gentlemen better than ladies. But aside from it all, the pricing point of the Bleecker Street will most likely make you smell like one in a million. Available at Glów Living Beauty.