Scent: Versace Oud Noir

AGAINST ALL OUD. After an encounter in Greece with their last fragrance, Eros, Versace has now arrived in the Orient with the launch of their new fragrance for men, Oud Noir.

Pour Homme OUD NOIR_100 ml


Conjuring images of spice markets and opulent opium dens to mind are the spicy notes of cardamom, saffron and olibanum, while earthy patchouli and zesty scents of bitter orange give the aphrodisiacal fragrance its balanced contrast. The aroma of leatherwood also lends certain intensity to this fragrance with its carnal undertones. Encapsulated in an unusually understated packaging, the sharp gemstone-like bottle in gauzy black sums up the mystery and sensuality inside, while a small gold Medusa stamp marks the fragrance with Versace’s characteristic extravagance.