Samsung Gear S2 & 3 More Recommended Wearables

MAKING EVERY STEP COUNT. Wearable tech is certainly making huge strides this year, both in terms of popularity as well as capability. This new direction is perfectly illustrated by, among others, the Samsung Gear S2


samsung gear s2 copy
Samsung Gear S2


Beyond the health-tracking features that you might come to expect from a smartwatch/fitness-tracker, the Gear S2’s most notable feature is its clever rotating bezel that makes navigating the various menus feel genuinely intuitive.

Meanwhile, a robust selection of options for the digital watch dial certainly helps elevate this piece of wearable tech into the realm of hip styling.



Fossil Q Founder (1) 300
Fossil Q Founder

Speaking of style, if you’re in the market for a more fashionable smartwatch, the Fossil Q Founder would be a solid option. Though it lacks some of the more common fitness-related functions such as an optical heart-rate sensor and GPS tracking, it offers more than decent performance and definitely looks manly on the wrist.



Polar A360 (1) 300
Polar A360

On the other end of the spectrum we have the Polar A360, a nifty “activity tracker” for those focused on healthy living. While it can easily pair up with any smartphone to forward notifications, this gadget’s meat and potatoes include a complete range of fitness tracking functions, inactivity reminders and calorie counters.



Microsoft Band 2 (3)
Microsoft Band 2

Of course, when it comes to feature-rich fitness bands, the Microsoft Band 2 reigns supreme. It has step counting
as well as stair-climb counting functionalities, UV heart-rate sensors, tracking options for various sports and much, much more, all presented on a curved OLED screen.