Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and 3 More Smartphones of the Year

RINGING IN THE NEW YEAR. As 2017 draws ever nearer, gadget manufacturers have stepped up their game to bring us a new range of smartphones to help us face the challenges (and excitement!) of another new year




From the usual flagship models from top-tier brands to new challengers from equally exciting names, the options are abundant.

Speaking of flagships, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is definitely the one to beat this year. Sure, its launch was plagued by serious battery problems but that’s largely dealt with by now. The Note 7 uses the same camera as the Galaxy S7/S7 Edge, but its camera software has received quite a few upgrades. Processing speed, however, is where the Galaxy Note 7 truly shines and remains unbeatable at.



3 More Recommendations:




1. It seems that getting over the fact how the new Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus lacks a standard headphone jack won’t be easy. But the rest of either package is nothing less than impressive. The cameras are better (the 7 Plus boasts dual rear cameras with true optical zoom), water resistance has been added, the new batteries are better and internal storage has been upgraded as well.





2. Challenging the top players in the smartphone arena is the LG V20. With three cameras (one standard lens 16MP plus one 8MP wide-angle cameras on the back and one 5MP camera with adjustable viewing angle on the front), Android 7.0 Nougat right out of the box, superb audio technology and a nifty secondary screen, the V20 is more than capable of holding its own in a crowded market full of high-end competitors.





3. The basic Motorola Moto Z Play is a pretty good phone—affordable and with superb battery life. Get one of the so-called Moto Mod add-ons, however, and you can have a superb gadget to suit a wide range of specific needs. There are standard extra battery mods, or decorative ones, but you can also find attachable projectors, a camera accessory with true 10x optical zoom, and much more.





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