Ryan Gosling stars in TAG Heuer’s high-stakes “The Chase for Carrera”

TAG Heuer teams up with Hollywood star Ryan Gosling and producer/director David Leitch to create a short film as part of the celebrations surrounding the Carrera’s 60th anniversary

In the history of modern watchmaking, few designs deserve the distinction of being “iconic” quite like TAG Heuer’s Carrera. Inspired by tales of the arduous Carrera Panamericana road race, the Carrera was born in the early ’60s bearing a design that resonated strongly with racers who valued heightened legibility.

Today, in 2023, the legendary watch—which basically set the standard for chronograph watches in the decades since its launch—turns 60. And while TAG Heuer has indeed introduced a number of commemorative Carrera watches, the festivities don’t end there. Or as TAG Heuer CEO Frédéric Arnault puts it: “A celebration like ours today requires more than a watch. It also deserves an epic campaign.”

To that end, the Swiss watchmaker drew on the star power of its brand ambassador—Ryan Gosling, of course—to create a short action/comedy film titled “The Chase for Carrera.” The film might be short, but the talents behind it are Hollywood heavyweights. For one, “The Chase for Carrera” is produced by 87North Productions. This production company, which was founded by David Leitch, is behind blockbuster hits such as “Deadpool 2” and last year’s “Bullet Train.” In the director’s seat is Nash Edgerton of “Mr Inbetween” fame and playing opposite Gosling is Vanessa Bayer from “I Love That For You” and “Saturday Night Live.”

Plot-wise, Bayer plays as the Prop Master, who attempts to take Gosling’s TAG Heuer Carrera watch off his wrist. This leads to a hi-octane chase involving everything from sports cars to heavy duty trucks and even electric buggies.

And what “The Chase for Carrera” might lack in length, it more than makes up to with some truly Hollywood-class, special effects-laden action scenes. The short film also leans heavily into the existing chemistry between cast members. Gosling and Bayer, for example, go way back to when the two met on “Saturday Night Live” in 2015. The dynamic between the two stars is hilarious as it is exciting.

As it happens, Gosling has also worked with Leitch for quite a while. “I was working with David Leitch on ‘The Fall Guy’ and was enjoying it so much I asked him while we were filming an action scene if he would be interested in collaborating on my new campaign with the brand,” the star recalls. Of the creative process behind the film, Leitch notes: “It was really the same process as shooting a feature – the team prepped it like a mini action movie. It was always: how can we be creative? How can we be funny? How can we make a golf cart feel energetic and fun and dangerous? And I think with Nash Edgerton directing, who has exceptional knowledge of how to shoot action, and Ryan contributing to the creative, we did that.”

Finally, in true Hollywood fashion, “The Chase for Carrera” also contains numerous hidden easter eggs as references to the Carrera’s long history. Early in the film, for instance, there’s an old lady wearing a pair of white sunglasses. These were actually made famous by Jacqueline Evans de López, a British-born Mexican TV and film actress who was not only the first woman to compete in the infamous Panamericana race, but did so five years in a row, between 1950-1954. And she competed in her own Porsche, no less.

With its raw star power, blockbuster production values and exciting concept, “The Chase for Carrera” really shines in its own right as a fun and thrilling film. At the same time, it also takes a uniquely modern approach in paying homage to a timepiece whose charm remains timeless. But, don’t just take our word for it. Scroll down a bit, hit play and lose yourself in five minutes of pure, unadulterated fun: