Roger Federer Channels McEnroe, Agassi, More for Mercedes-Benz

ROGER THAT. All those times Roger Federer has spent in front of the camera posing for high-profile ad campaigns are indeed paying off, because the tennis star looks like a natural in Mercedes-Benz USA’s new commercial. Even with hair extensions and fake chest hair!



To celebrate the launch of the new 2017 Mercedes-Benz SL during the US Open, which will kick off on August 29, Mercedes-Benz USA is releasing a campaign with its long-time ambassador Roger Federer.

The campaign sees Federer starring in a short campaign film, entitled “Timeless.” Narrated by sportscaster Bill Macatee, the film highlights iconic Mercedes-Benz cars and tennis legends throughout the years: Rod Laver, John McEnroe, Andre Agassi and Björn Borg. Other than Laver, though, these players are not really featured in the film. Instead, Federer is given the task of channeling them with the help of CGI and some practical effects.


Mercedes-Benz USA Roger Federer


Moreover, he’s also seen driving an SL car of similar vintage to display the enduring excellence of timeless legends.

And we have to say that we’re impressed! From McEnroe’s temper to Agassi’s hair, Federer is nailing all the impersonations like the champ that he is!

What do you think? Are you as impressed as we are? Which one is your favorite impersonation?