Rihanna to Launch Fenty Camo Creeper

Following the success of every Fenty ever, Rihanna and Puma are set to launch a new version of their popular creeper


fenty puma rihanna orange camouflage


Featuring orange camouflage colorway, the creeper will be available this Thursday, on July 28.

Judging by the fact that all of Rihanna’s Fenty shoes were sold out in just a few hours, we have a feeling that the new creeper won’t stay on the shelf for long either.

Like the previous creepers, this one also has patent leather upper, thick gum sole and gold-finished Puma’s logo on the sides.

The new creeper is priced at US$ 154 and will be sold at select stores and Puma’s website.


fenty puma rihanna orange camouflage-2


In other news, according to WWD, it is believed that Rihanna is preparing for a new Fenty, which will be presented in a different format next season.



Photos: WWD & Feature Sneaker Boutique