Rethinking Mobility With the new RIMOWA Never Still

Based on over 120 years of experience, RIMOWA envisions new essentials for contemporary travelers

RIMOWA is launching a multi-use soft bag line – RIMOWA Never Still. This novel collection of mobility essentials is aimed for the travelers of today, providing a contemporary, functional, and elegant solution for daily urban commuting, business, and beyond. Focused on offering a new way to enhance and cater to the wearer’s travel experience, RIMOWA continues its long lineage of product innovation, craftsmanship, and industrial know-how. The introduction of RIMOWA Never Still marks a significant step in evolving the brand’s product portfolio with a new take on functional luxury.

The collection draws on the brand’s long history of rethinking the look and feel of travel as it meets an evolving mobility landscape head-on. Made in Italy, this unisex collection consists of three different products designed for a wide range of uses. Each features the unmistakable marks of the iconic German luggage brand, such as modern timeless shapes, the renowned RIMOWA grooved design, bespoke hardware showcasing the brand’s monogram and logo, a flexible travel strap that allows customers to fix their bag onto their suitcase, a personalized address tag and a color palette that matches favorites from RIMOWA’s Essential collection, including Black, Gray, Cactus and Desert Rose. Crafted out of premium materials such as durable water-repellent canvas and smooth soft-touch full-grain leather, this essential new collection is built to withstand the rigors of modern travel.