Restaurant Review: Kunstkring

COLONIAL FEASTS. Translated as “circle of art” from Dutch, Kunstkring (Jl. Teuku Umar 1 Menteng, Jakarta, +62 21 3900 899; tuguhotels. com) is one of the last remaining historical buildings in Jakarta.

Under the Tugu Group, the colonial mansion, which was an art exhibition venue and artist residency in 1914 before turning into an immigration office within the period of 1950 to 1993, gets re-polished to its current grandeur state.

The restoration also breathes a new soul into the dining complex, reflecting the 1910s lifestyle of Noni and Tuan (Mrs. and Mr.). The cuisine is hence dubbed “Rijsttafel Betawi,” enveloping traditional Jakartan culinary feasts in a European fine-dining touch. The high tea menu at the Balcony van Menteng is totally recommended.