Red Riding Hood (2011)

(Not-So-Little) Red Riding Hood

Catherine Hardwicke, the director of Lords of Dogtown (2005) and the wildly popular Twilight (2008) is back to direct Red Riding Hood produced by Leonardo DiCaprio.

Loosely based on the folk tale we all remember from grade school, this is a complete re-imagining of the parable reworked into a gripping horror. Set in the fictional Daggerhorn, Valerie (Amanda Seyfried) falls in love with an orphaned woodcutter, played by one of the most stylish young actors, Shiloh Fernandez (Cadillac Records, Jericho, Gossip Girl), whose medieval village is haunted by a werewolf. The villagers turn to a hunter (Gary Oldman) for assistance in fighting the beast. Red Riding Hood hits theaters this March.

Fernandez and Seyfried heating things up on set.

Here is the official trailer: