Raf Simons Leaves Calvin Klein

Just when the new year is only around the corner, the biggest news from fashion drops yesterday when Calvin Klein is parting ways with its Chief Creative Officer for the last two years, Raf Simons.

Of course the fashion could not take this news lightly, as Simons arrival at the American brand in 2016 was met with much anticipation – which he answered gloriously on his first show for Fall 2017.

Yet, not all were high expectations, though. Simons’ experience handling luxury fashion for Jil Sander and Dior, along with his total creative freedom as the brand’s CCO was predicted could shoot CK on the foot. That same experience gave birth to CK’s new high-fashion line, 205W39NYC. Meanwhile his first venture with ready to wear campaign for the much-praised debut show were met with mixed reviews.

Although not confirmed as of yet, but rumors have circulated that PVH Group, the owners of Calvin Klein, were not satisfied with the brand’s revenue count this year. Last month the company reported a $21 million loss, which they seem to put the blame on marketing overbudget and products that did not connect with CK’s target market.

And despite Simons is a respected visionary that elevated CK onto some new level, eventually it was his lack of expertise under such creative liberty that took the cake.