Raf Simons and Dr. Martens Are Back with Super Industrial, Terminator-Like Shoe in Second Collaboration

10 years after their first collaboration, Raf Simons and British Shoemaker Dr. Martens are back with their latest and second collaboration with a classic 1461 derby that’s given asymmetrical rework, exposing the right shoe’s steel toe cap. The shoe was first spotted at Simons’ Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2019 runway presentation—his first show since leaving Calvin Klein.

Their first collaboration dates back all the way to 2009, where Doc Martens hooked up with Simmons and had him give its collection of three-eye shoes his distinctive touch. This time around, the collaboration looks like the Belgian designer’s low-key Midas touch tries extends the classic Derby’s super rugged and hard look while still maintaining the Doc’s simplistic, low profile, and fashionably modest feature.

The shoe’s slick, clean look is thanks to its smooth-looking black calf leather upper that sports a contrasting white brand stamp of both parties. But its main eye-catching feature is noticeably the asymmetrically exposed steel toe cap on the right foot, engraved with writings “DR MARTENS / RF SMNS”. While being all industrial and Terminator-like, the shoe has an AirWair sole and tonal stitching—just like any other Dr. Martens shoes—to still provide the comfort and protection for any minimalist fashion this fall/winter season.

It goes to show that the collaborative piece is not just a forever fall/winter statement, but also for still thriving to its all work/all terrain nature, it definitely adds in the duo’s roster of standout works.