More Reasons to stock up on Raf and CK

The dream of owning more and more Raf Simons‘ creation for Calvin Klein just got easier – thanks to the launch of their new sub-label, Calvin Klein Jeans Est. 1978.

Americana trucker jacket

The new line borrows the best parts of Simons’s runway collections for CK and manage to drop them down into largely affordable pieces. CKJ Est. 1978 fills the gap in between the brand’s two earlier lines, making sure that there’s a version of Raf’s CK available for every type of consumer.

Accordingly, the prices mirror what you see at other beloved men’s brands in that middleground. A basic T-shirt costs $60, there’s a $350 trucker jackets, and outerwear that will cost up to $700. They’re prices that verge on luxury while remaining within reach for a lot of guys. And at that price you get plenty of design. That means we will get a taste of his Americana theme; denim jackets, western shirts, puffer jackets, and jeans printed with the American flag, steeds galloping across flat deserts, and the exterior of a barn. One of their most notable item is pants and jackets with printed image of Brooke Shields kicking her leg into the air, taken from an actual 1980 Calvin Klein ad, all over. The motif also pops up on hoodies and sweatshirts.

Brooke Shields jacket

This was always the promise when Simons came on board at Calvin Klein. Simons was touted as the first person who would have complete creative control over the brand since Calvin Klein himself. Even the press release announcing Simons’s appointment noted he was part of the long-term plan “to unify all Calvin Klein brands under one creative vision.” The new Calvin Klein Jeans Est. 1978 seems to make good on that promise: what you see on the runway, you can now buy in a slightly modified form at relatively cheap prices. This strategy is something the brand has played with in the last couple years. After Simons put photos of Andy Warhol in his runway collection, Calvin Klein released a more affordable capsule collection featuring the same image under the Calvin Klein Jeans umbrella. Calvin Klein Jeans Est. 1978 appears to implement that downstream design philosophy permanently.

$60 T-shirt

The first drop from the collection is available online now, while the Americana-inspired items are set to release later this summer.