Quality Meets Craft in John Hardy’s Spring 2021 collection

Fluid self-expression and bold chain styles are among the hallmarks of the brand’s latest seasonal creations

For its Spring 2021 collection, John Hardy embraces the liberating sense of transformation that comes after a time of brave reflection. Multifaceted and unisex designs transcend the classics with edgy layers of natural metals, created to be styled in various ways, uniquely stacked and paired with others.

The collection’s men pieces celebrate fluid self-expression that is deeply, authentic, connected and real. Bold chain styles are showcased in a combination of mixed metals, woven cord and beaded stone, from black onyx to turquoise. The assortment of beaded jewelry shows how quality meets craft in the intentionally arranged, energy-infused stones across triple-wrap and pull-through bracelets, stacked signet rings and a dog tag necklace.