Putri Marino’s Journey From Travel Presenter to Actress

GO THE DISTANCE. Putri Marino talks about her journey into showbiz, her thoughts about the industry and her upcoming projects with DA MAN’s Ricky Ronaldo

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Donning a maroon “Filosofi Kopi” sweatshirt to set, Putri Marino has been getting a lot of buzz lately for her new relationship with Chicco Jerikho. During our conversation, she mentioned that she still hasn’t yet gotten used to all the attention she is receiving. Being relatively new to the scene, Marino is still adjusting to life under the spotlight. But the public is catching up fast. For her debut role in the 2017 movie “Posesif”, Marino received a Citra Award for Best Leading Actress and the Tuti Indra Malaon Award for Best New Actress. Before that, she was a host in the travel documentary series “My Trip, My Adventure” (or “MTMA” for short). Her own trip and adventures for the future would definitely be worth watching.

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Ricky Ronaldo: How did y ou get your debut role in “Posesif ”?
Putri Marino: Four months running in “My Trip, My Adventure,” I was offered a casting for a movie. As I never experienced what casting was like , it was pretty challenging for me at first. But the adrenaline rush to try something new conquers that. Actually, everything started from my desire to start something new. That was also the case when I joined “MTMA.” There is no harm in trying. Whether I got accepted or not, that ’s in the future. The most important thing is that I have experienced what casting for a movie is like.

Ricky Ronaldo: Was it hard stepping into the entertainment industry?
Putri Marino: From my personality it is. Because I am so uncomfortable with crowds and being surrounded by a lot of people .

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Ricky Ronaldo: Like an introvert…
Putri Marino: Yes. I am so uncomfortable with many eyes looking at me . When I got to play in “Posesif,” I did it solely to experience what being in a movie is like . I didn’t look far into the consequences of it all—that people are starting to know who I am or what I am doing , and that they want to know what I do every day. So, I guess I ’m still getting used to the entertainment business. I don’t know how long it will take because it ’s very hard for us introverts to make contact with people. I prefer to sit quietly at the corner of a coffee shop listening to music and writing poems, rather than go out to events. But of course, I cannot ignore my responsibilities as well if it means that I should go to these events.

Ricky Ronaldo: How about songwriting?
Putri Marino: I have actually been asked to work together by [singer and songwriter] Rendy Pandugo. I have also shot a music video with him before. I really want to write some songs, but I ’m still not that confident. All this time I’ve been writing songs and poems solely for myself, and if I want to do that for the public, I need to think about the audience, and not only myself. So, maybe I’ll do that in the future.

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Ricky Ronaldo: Did landing a role in “Posesif ” lead to new opportunities?
Putri Marino: After I finished filming “Posesif,” I was immediately off to Natuna, Riau, to shoot “Mencintai Ksatria Negara” which will come out later this y ear. I am also currently preparing for the movie “Sultan Agung”, which is still under preparation. It is a biopic and a colossal movie. For me, and young adults these days, history feels more responsive through visual means. So, I am very happy that Hanung Bramantyo and Mooryati Soedibyo are making this film. Because for me, this film really deserves to be viewed by young adults, so they can know about these national heroes.

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Ricky Ronaldo: Can you tell us about the character you are going to play?
Putri Marino: Her name is Lembayung and she will be played across two dimensions. I will play her younger self and Adinia Wirasti will play her adult version. So, the character of Lembayung is really tough. She is a female knight, very strong and she dares to be different from the typical Javanese girl at that time.

Ricky Ronaldo: Looking to the future, are there any directors you really want to work with?
Putri Marino: There are three. Joko Anwar, Angga Sangsongko and Mouly Surya. I also wouldn’t mind working with Edwin [director of “Posesif ”] again, because that man is a genius.

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