Presenting our June/July Issue with Actor Zachary Quinto on the cover

Hotel Artemis actor Zachary Quinto stars on the cover of DAMAN June/July 2018 issue.

Zachary Quinto in Louis Vuitton

A message from our Publisher/ Editor-in-Chief Ronald Liem

Late April until early May have always been a particularly busy time for me for the past, oh, 11 years or so. If you guessed that it’s because of our annual DAMAN Party, you’re absolutely correct. From coming up with the playlist to planning for the arrival of our guest of honor (guests of honor, this time), my team and I are kept busy round the clock. Busy, but excited.

For this year, however, we decided to try something different. In fact, we did a lot of things different, from adding a formal dinner portion to the night’s festivities to holding our very first—and our very own—awards show, to celebrate not only the progress of DAMAN, but also the achievements of those who have graced our pages. We laud those who have grown the most (Rising Star of the Year, awarded to Richard Kyle), those who have achieved the most (Gentleman of the Year and Darling of the Year, which went to Reza Rahadian and Tara Basro, respectively) and those who inspire us to always look our very best (International Model of the Year, conferred on the one and only Aurelien Muller).

I think I speak for all of us at DAMAN when I say that the 11th DAMAN Party has been our most successful one yet. And I believe that part of that success came from a newfound confidence. We have been, after all, doing this for more than a decade. We were a little bit more sure of ourselves, more relaxed … more willing to go off the beaten path.

Naturally, this is also the attitude that I am cultivating in DAMAN as a whole, to keep the magazine consistently fresh, ever relevant and unceasingly the leader of the pack. As always, I’m also heartened to find a similar vibe from our featured figures: From the stoic professionalism of Zachary Quinto, the calm self-assurance of seasoned actor Walton Goggins to, on a somewhat meta level, how Hayden Szeto finds the drive to excel in the roles he’s been entrusted to.

So, in closing, I hope that you enjoy the pages ahead of you (plus, of course, the content we put up online and on social media) and that you find your DAMAN experience to be always pertinent. Happy reading!

Here’s what you can find in the new issue of DA MAN June/July 2018:

Face of an Icon — From the final frontier to Broadway, Zachary Quinto shows us what real talent looks and sounds like

Soulful Journey — Widika Sidmore talks about her journey through modeling, acting and discovering more about herself.

Leading Man — Boy William gets real with DAMAN as he models the Louis Vuitton fall/winter 2018 pre-collection in Singapore.

Truthfully Daring — Canadian actor Hayden Szeto talks about representing Asian- American talent and his long term career goals.

Girl On Fire — Tasya Teles from hit series “The 100” talks about her show’s fifth season, her upcoming projects and her dreams for the future.

Success in the Present Tense — Seasoned actor Walton Goggins joins DAMAN in a chat about Marvel and the evolution of television.

Daman June/July issue is now available in stores and online. Get your digital copy here.