PJ Tucker Carrying His Own Shoes Is NBA’s Forefront Style Revolution

Different from football or any other sport, how NBA basketball players turn up during game day is as we know an answer to any men’s fashion week that’s totally on a whole other level. Forget matching get-ups, forget the extremely plaid paints, forget heavy leather and forget all the flashiness, because you haven’t been paying attention enough to what has happened at the pregame tunnel stroll—especially in the case of PJ Tucker.

The current Houston Rockets forward started out as Toronto Raptor’s 35th draft pick, where his career went on a course outside of the U.S and finally making his return to the states in 2012. Since playing for the Phoenix Suns and going back to the Raptors, PJ Tucker is famously known as NBA’s sneaker champ, with collections so good that he’d probably thought of making carrying his own shoes as not just part of his accessories, but also his style.

With a few players are doing the same thing, this could be due to two reasons: First, NBA players are now allowed to wear sneakers in all colors, not just ones that match their teams’ jerseys. Second, NBA has seen its players’ luggage decreasing overtime while other sports are still carrying duffle bags to even suitcases—but when it’s the NBA, it has to be more than that.

Here’s a gallery of the player making hand-handling his shoes just as cool as his ices, backpacks, beats headphones, his toiletry bags: