Philip Winchester of “Strike Back” and “The Player” on His Roles, On- and Off-screen


DA MAN: On a related note, what has been the most challenging, out-of-the-box role that you’ve ever taken on so far?
Philip Winchester: Being a father. It’s completely changed my life. It’s quite simply the best and hardest thing I have ever done. It is the biggest game changer and the great leveler. Next to getting married, it’s the most real thing I have ever done.

DA MAN: Is there anything you miss from your old life before showbiz?
Philip Winchester: Gas being 99 cents a gallon. [Laughs]

DA MAN: What keeps you motivated to continue working and creating? On a related note, how do you keep things balanced between your personal life and your professional career?
Philip Winchester: My wife and daughter constantly motivate me to chase the things I see as important. They also challenge me to do it in a way that is honest. If I can look at my wife and daughter and know I did things the right way, I can go to bed happy and try again the next day. This business is tough, and I’ve been very fortunate. I always assume the job I finish is my last job—it’s just a thing I can’t shake. It keeps me hungry for my next gig.



Photography Mitchell Nguyen McCormack
Styling Alexa Rangroummith Green
Videography: Pedro Correa

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