Philip Winchester of “Strike Back” and “The Player” on His Roles, On- and Off-screen


DA MAN: At that time, how did you imagine your career would unfold?
Philip Winchester: I was talking to some final year film students last weekend and I remember telling them something that has helped me over the years. I told them to find their own definition of success and then chase it. For me, when I was just coming out of drama school, my definition of success was to pay the bills (food, a roof over my head, etc.) by just being an actor. I have been lucky enough to do that, and I continue to remind myself of that truth in my life. Keep it simple and don’t lose sight of the truth.



“My wife and daughter motivate me to chase the things I see as important, in a way that is honest”



DA MAN: When the average person hears “British drama school,” most would think about period pieces, Shakespeare plays, and so on. And you famously played in the 2007 production of “King Lear”. Is this a genre you’ll someday revisit?
Philip Winchester: I would really like to get to do “Hamlet” one day soon. The play is obviously incredible, but having the opportunity to spend a chunk of time with friends and peers to do something of that magnitude sounds brilliant.

DA MAN: Looking at your better-known works, though, it appears that your biggest success lies in war drama and action thrillers. There’s “Flyboys” for the former, and for the latter there’s obviously “Strike Back,” “The Player,” and before that “24: Live Another Day.” Have you ever been worried about being typecast as the spy/soldier type?
Philip Winchester: Not yet. And even if i have started to be put into those types of roles, then so be it. I enjoy the action
element so much that if i can stay in that zone for a while, then bring it on. I joke with my wife that I will only do action roles while my knees are good … And so far i’m ok. [Giggles]


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