Pharrell Redefines “Raw” in G-Star RAW’s New Campaign

Pharrell Williams has a lot of ideas for G-Star RAW. Maybe that’s why his hat is so big


G-Star RAW What is RAW fall 2016 campaign pharrell williams


Not only a co-owner, Williams has also assumed the role as the “Head of Imagination” at G-Star RAW. If you’re still not entirely sure what a Head of Imagination is, maybe the brand’s newly launched campaign can give you a slight idea of the job title and what it entitles.

“What is ‘raw’?” asks Williams in the campaign video. “‘Raw’ is not a noun, ‘raw’ is a verb.”

Now, before you Grammar Nazis think of correcting Williams, get to know this first.

For Williams, the term “raw” stands for what exists underneath the surface. That includes the designers, their craft, the spaces they use, the engineers and other elements that make a piece of clothing possible. To highlight their importance, Williams taps them to star in G-Star RAW’s fall 2016 ad campaign, like a good boss that he is.

Besides the print ad, a series of short films (over 10 in total) will also be released to further introduce these ‘raw’ components and the brand’s itself. Viewers will get to learn more about the construction of G-Star RAW’s 3D denim and commitment to sustainability among many others.

Watch the first video of the series below.