Paul Indonesia Turns Five

Famous for its long and rich history of reinventing the traditional French cuisine, Paul Indonesia is proud to have written another chapter with its loving guests in the family’s legacy.

From the town of Croix, in northern France, the family bakery Paul has grown impressively; first approved by the French tongue, and then onto a global debut. Expanding from their original bakery business, the Paul family has given a bold peek into the hearty and exquisite French cuisine. Savoir-faire – the chefs of Paul believe in only artisanal recipes, quality ingredients, and a caring community for their beloved customers. Spreading their wings internationally, Paul finally arrived in Jakarta in 2013 and since then has given this concrete jungle a gastronomic oasis.

December 2018 marks the 5th anniversary of Paul Indonesia, and the establishment is celebrating with the release of their new menu. Starting 10th December 2018, Paul presents new smart choice recipes celebrating the French love affair with food. The French are experts at a balanced approach to food and diet, never sacrificing flavor. Paul has made it easy for guests to do the same with flavorful new recipes that leave no room for guilt.

Savor every mouthful of the all-time classic Smoked Salmon on Brioche, a match-made-in-heaven combination of toasted Brioche, creamy salmon spread, fresh smoked salmon, fragrant dill cream and decadent avruga caviar. Dive into the iconic Lobster Thermidor, a French specialty made of succulent lobster, buttery egg yolk cream and mushrooms served in lobster shell decorated with a cheese crust. Complete your local French experience with your favorite local dessert with a unique French twist: layers of crisp puff pastry and es kopyor crème pâtissière – Millefeuille Es Kopyor perfection!