Patek Philippe Announces Authorized Biography

HISTORY OF TIME. “Patek Philippe: The Authorized Biography” by Nicholas Faulkes uncovers the definitive history of the legendary Swiss manufacture



If you’re a true watch fanatic, this is one big book you just got to have in your private collection. Comprehensively compiled and written by British author and historian Nicholas Foulkes, who happens to be a contributor to many fashion magazines as well, “Patek Philippe: The Authorized Biography” takes you into the journey of the world-renowned brand right from the start. This 544-page hardcover contains over 600 images of exquisite timepieces, including those that have yet seen the light of day.



As you go through the pages, you can also understand a more personal perspective from the exclusive interviews with the company’s owners as well as with staff and associated watchmakers from its past and present. It maps out a fascinating story that spans the last two centuries, from the early life of founder Antoine Norbert de Patek (from when he was a young cavalry officer in Poland with  his many trial and tribulations) before meeting gifted watchmaker Jean Adrien Philippe, all the way up to the purchase of the company by the Stern family in 1932, who has for over four generations, turned it into the legend that it is today.



The book is readily available at the Patek Philippe Museum in Geneva, the Salons in Geneva, London, and Paris, authorized retailers around the world, a selection of bookstores and also be ordered online directly from Patek Philippe. Patek also has plans to translate it into non-English languages beginning in 2018.