Patek Philippe Completes New Production Facility in Geneva

The manufacture also celebrates this occasion with the launch of a limited-edition commemorative watch of 1,000 pieces.

Patek Philippe announces the completion of its new production building in Geneva. Construction of the facility started in 2015. With its impressive dimensions (10 floors and a length of nearly 200 meters), it expands the 1996 building complex and there’s a generous amount of extra space to accommodate the brand’s growth in the next 20 to 30 years.

It all started with a small groundbreaking ceremony in October 2015. At the time, Patek Philippe’s incumbent president since 2009 Thierry Stern pursued two goals for the construction of a new building: the relocation of the ateliers from Perly to Plan- les-Ouates (Geneva) and also the provision of additional space especially for production and training activities that were growing rapidly.

Fast forward to five years later, with a total investment of CHF 600 million, the manufacture’s totally new production center now stands on a plot once occupied by the company’s parking lot. The highly modern architecture of this structure unites all of the manufacture’s Genevan ateliers under one roof.

Uniquely, much like Patek Philippe watches, the subtlety of the ensemble melds with exceptionally refined details such as the slight horizontal curvature of the passageways reminiscent of the gently rounded octagon of the Nautilus case, or the balustrades of the fire escape ladders with a silhouette that resembles the form of leaf-shaped hands.

Inside, the interior spaces are divided into five segments that are reserved for production of movement parts, the assembly of exterior parts (cases, bracelets), restoration of antique timepieces, Research & Development in the fields of new materials and new technologies (Patek Philippe Advanced Research). There is also space for further evolution and the handing down of the rare handcrafts that Patek Philippe has actively promoted. As a nice final touch, the building also has a penthouse restaurant with a fantastic panoramic view of the landscape and the nearby mountains.

All in all, the new building reasserts Patek Philippe’s Genevan roots and its confidence in the future of watchmaking artistry that perfectly melds tradition and innovation. And on that note, the brand also launched a commemorative watch in steel that stands out with an exclusive design concept as a limited edition of 1,000 pieces: the Ref. 6007A-001 Calatrava.

Actually, it’s a tradition at Patek Philippe to accompany key events in its corporate history with the launch of limited-edition commemorative watches. And this time, in order to pay tribute to the the new building and what it stands for, the manufacture created the special Ref. 6007A-001 Calatrava, which instantly stands out with its case and broad cambered bezel in polished steel—a very rare material in Patek Philippe’s collections.

Up front, the design of the dial reflects an inimitable and dynamic face. At its center, the dial features a “carbon” style texture that plays with light and baton hands for the hours and minutes that recall the Ref. 6006 Calatrava.

The gray-blue hue is also a signature element that is accompanied by the subtle circular satin finish that contrasts visibly against the white dial imprints.

The watch is completed with a gray-blue calfskin strap embossed with a fabric pattern that is coordinated in terms of color and structure to match the dial center. On the other side of the watch sits a sapphire-crystal case-back specially marked with a Calatrava cross and a “New Manufacture 2019” inscription, which marks the first work groups moved into the new building.

Above all, both the new building and the special commemorative watch are ideal prerequisites for securing the success of the family-owned manufacture and preserving its independence for coming generations.