Park Seo Joon’s Outerwear Masterclass In-and-Out of “Itaewon Class”

Park Seo Joon’s character from the 2020 Korean drama series “Itaewon Class” is known for his edgy street style and for being a living mannequin for some of world’s most famous luxury brands. However, the South Korean actor has shown that he’s also quite the outerwear specialist in real life.

Photo from Soompi
Any serious K-drama fan can tell you that the Korean film industry’s costume department means business when it comes to character wardrobes. What may appear as ordinary but stylish costumes are actually carefully curated outfits put together to represent each character’s personality. Moreover, what your favorite K-drama character is wearing has more to it than meets the eye—which is definitely the case in the 2020 series “Itaewon Class.”
The series stars Park Seo Joon as ex-convict Park Sae-ro-yi, who’s starting his own restaurant slash bar business while sporting edgy, made-for-the-street and not to mention luxurious clothing options. However, Joon’s style badassery follows him outside of his TV appearances, which has—among other things—lead him to become the the first ever Asian male model to be the face of Tommy Hilfiger back in 2017.
There is a fine point to Park Seo Joon’s reputation as one of the best styled male celebrity in not just South Korea, but also in Asia: His exceptional outerwear game. From “Itaewon Class” or throughout the day, here are some of the lessons we can learn from Park Seo Joon’s outerwear masterclass.

Go For Patterns

Tie-dyeing has become a huge trend. Case in point would be Louis Vuitton’s hooded tie dye jacket worn by various celebrities, from NBA players to Justin Bieber. Here, Joon shows why you should go with the patterned, oversized sweatshirts instead of plain ones. A tie-dye shirt doesn’t have to be a summer statement—why not use it to your advantage among the pale hued outfits of fall or winter? Also, it doesn’t just add contrast to your style but it also brings color, making it a more exciting option when you want to layer it on top of a plain tee. The more the merrier.

Leather Up

Pulling a serious face like Joon’s becomes more effective when you’re wearing a serious piece of outerwear, in this case: a Dunhill leather shirt. It works well as not just an outer but also as a standalone piece (try leaving a button or two undone for an extra sassy flair). That being said, leather shirts are not exactly for everyone. But compared to the more common leather jacket, a fine leather shirt can be a lot more intimidating when you want to show people that you mean business.

Top Tier Coating

When it comes to wearing a coat, there’s always the challenge trying not to look like a traveling businessman or a guy who doesn’t understand the concept of coat—which is something that many Koreans are great at. In fact, South Koreans are the counter-cultural coat masters (as opposed to Europeans) and we can learn a lot from them in terms of color and piece coordinating as well as fitting. The main lesson here from two of Joon’s looks is to always keep it casual while still attaining a sense of formality: Tone down your upper with a casually worn shirt and match it with a pair of suit pants.

Let A Big Bomber Do The Talking

Starting out in life as a pilot’s standard attire in World War II, the bomber jacket has come a long way since then to become one of the most influential urban style pieces. In “Itaewon Class,” Joon is often spotted wearing a bomber jacket—a big one. An oversized bomber jacket lets people with Joon’s body structure walk with more confidence as it gives him that extra bulkiness while still remaining true to his silhouette. It also goes without saying that the bigger the jacket, the more space there is for under layers. Plain T-shirts are a nice option, but try having a shirt or even a hoodie for an edgier approach.

 A Different Kind Of Denim

The Canadian Tux or the denim jacket is one of the most essential as well as versatile piece of outerwear for anyone in any weather. While it may come across as ordinary, lots of great brands have blessed us with modified iterations of the traditional model. Take for instance the RAF SIMONS denim jacket Joon is wearing (by this point, we’ve learned that Joon really likes his outerwear in big fits) on the teaser of “Itaewoon Class” or FEAR OF GOD’s denim jacket with a brown collar.

An Overshirt Is The Best Shirt

Versatile and super practical, the overshirt is the best option for your day to day routines. It’s not just comfortable and easy to wear, but it also makes for a super easy outerwear option that can be mixed and matched with almost everything you might have in your closet. Buttoned or unbuttoned, tucked in or tucked out, with textures and patterns like corduroy or even floral, an overshirt is simply the best kind of shirt.

Time Travel With A Futuristic Jacket

As time goes on, many traditional clothing pieces are evolving with design tweaks and modifications while others stay true to their original form and heritage. Joon, however, has at times opted to look like someone from the future. These kinds of jackets are rather hard to find, but when you can get your hands on a truly out-of-this-world model, you will definitely stand out.

The Shoes Matter

It goes without saying that no matter how lit your outerwear is, the shoes you’re wearing becomes an integral make-or-break part of your whole look. While appearing on TV or in real life, Joon shows that he’s no ordinary fashion-conscious celebrity who knows that big fit outerwear need big shoes or sneakers. That, and how light khaki-esque colored shoes really complement bright get-ups.

Don’t Be Afraid To Accessorize

Even if you’re covered in an attention-steeling big fit outerwear, it’s always nice to know that other fashion details are fully covered as well. In an episode of “Itaewon Class,” Joon can be seen hiding Montblanc watch with a cool moonphase indicator under his bomber jacket’s sleeves—which shows that looking at your watch rather than your iPhone is cooler (and it’s still a thing.) On the other hand, via Joon’s instagram post, he shows that men can also wear bags while rocking big outerwear.