Our skincare recommendations for tired eyes

Dark circles, puffiness, discoloration, fine lines and under-eye bags … the list of under-eye problems is truly endless and they often happen without us even realizing it

The main causes of under-eye problems vary quite a bit. Some are within your control, such as eye strain, nutritional deficiencies and stress. Others—such as genetics, poor vision and allergies—are not. Dark circles are mainly caused by genetics and skin tone; puffy or swollen eyes is often the result of seasonal allergies or you’ve had too much salt or alcohol, which can leave you dehydrated and lead to swelling in the face. As for bags, this structural puffiness is caused by a combination of fat herniation and skin laxity—both are genetic and a normal sign of aging. While you can prevent dark circles and puffiness in your current lifestyle scenario by limiting screen time, adding dedicated eye products into your skincare regime wouldn’t hurt. Here are our top suggestions…


The Eye and Lip Contour Regenerating Cream E from Shiseido is a luxurious cream for renewing the skin’s vitalizing forces and diminishing dark circles.


Powered by spirulina and green extracts, the Shangpree Marine Energy Eye Mask will actively help your eyes to de-stress, soothe and heal.


Made specifically for the delicate eye area, the L’Occitane Immortelle Overnight Reset Eye Serum is an eye-booster serum that reduces visible signs
of fatigue.