Our Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide

Got that one friend or relative who is nearly impossible to pick a gift for? Maybe this round-up of living essentials can help you…

The holidays is just around the corner and any sane, well-organized person would have done their gift-shopping weeks ago. More often than not, though, there’s that one person (or more) who’s simply impossible to pick a gift for: That one person who never seems to need or want something. In that case, why not look for something that’s not only thoughtful but also useful and delightful in the way that it can subtly make any space feel more cozy. So, without further ado, here our top picks for your last minute holiday gifts….

For the Coffee-Lover

Your first cup of coffee is undoubtedly the most important one, and the cup in which it is served is surely just as important. The Corkcircle Woodland Camo Origins Mug is undoubtedly the perfect choice for that morning cup of co ee or tea. With its triple insulated walls and a sliding, shatter proof, see through lid, you can easily move around with your beverage in hand without fear of spilling. It’s remarkably easy to grip, thanks to its at sides, and with its non-slip bottom, the mug will sit nicely and securely on your desk as you prepare to start your day. Available through masarishop.com.

For the Elegant Minimalist

An eye-catching vase built by German-based brand Guaxs makes for the perfect statement piece at home. Crafted from mouth-blown glass and featuring hand-cut surfaces, the Ono L vase is the pinnacle of exclusivity and authenticity. A work of art in its own right, this vase is steeped in Guaxs’ family history, as it is inspired by the brand’s intense engagement with different cultures and shares characteristics from ancient and modern times. Available at Moie.

For the Busy Professional

As we spend an increasing amount of time on our desks, it’s important to also have a desk mat that not only looks great, but also reminds us that comfort is still among the most important things in life. And you can do so with this Hand Woven Leather Desk Pad from Riviere. In true Italian fashion, the desk pad is brought to life through the addition of suede and hand-stitched detailing to the already very supple, ultra-soft leather that is sure to provide you with the utmost comfort as can only be expected from a true Italian craftsman-made leather desk pad. Available at Moie.

For the Stylishly Fit

The latest Corkcicle Prismatic Sport Canteen has a light-bending, silvery white hue that reflects every color of the rainbow. Guaranteed to turn heads, it’s the ultimate way to drink on the go while keeping and looking cool at the same time. The best part is, you can add a colorful touch to your everyday style and up your hydration game with the shiniest water bottle around. Available at masarishop.com.

For the Sophisticated Soul

Sam Hecht designed the Semplice for Oluce. It is essentially a table lamp consisting of a single blown glass bell, acting as both the diffuser and the base for the design. The lower end, in fact, rests directly on the floor, while the upper part of the bell is covered internally by a metal cap which encases the luminous bulb. Thanks to this pairing, the simplicity of the forms, from which the design adopts its name, is therefore enriched with sophisticated finishes and details. Available at Moie.

For the Foodie

The Vice Collection started its journey in Jonathan Adler’s Soho Studio where the artist and his team designed and sculpted the models. The collection includes a series of porcelain canisters – ranging from 17oz to 77oz in capacity – that can hold various small tidbits or snacks. Furthermore, each piece is presented in a graphic black-and-white or richly colored finish. Available at Klots.

For the Whimsical Artist

A major feature of the L’Object Lito collection is depiction of the eye, which in this case is treated as a surrealistic symbol of good luck and protection. The whimsical and surreal Lito Plates, which are made available in sets of four, are handcrafted in Limoges porcelain with 24K gold plating and are inlaid with resin details. Besides being immensely charming, these pieces are also made to last. Available at Elite Graha Cipta.