Oscar’s Best Dressed Men of the Past Decade

The first Oscars was held way back in 1929, but it isn’t until the 50s when leading Hollywood male’s were recognised not just for their performance in a movie but for how they dressed.

We’re talking about an age where the room had Marlon Brando, Steve McQueen, Paul Newman, and even Frank Sinatra–dressing up was a natural part of their job. Ever since, the Oscars have given us the joy to admire some of the best dressed and styled men to grace one of the film industry’s most fashionable nights. Here are our picks for some of the best dressed man throughout the decade:

Collin Firth, 2010

Michael Caine is without a doubt an incomparable British style icon yet Colin Firth seems to offer us a lot of his quality (at least when he’s on his thick opticals). Entering the new decade, he appeared perfectly nailing a slim-fit Tom Ford suit—which he wears most of the time on the red carpet.

Seeing Bale wearing a three-piece all black suit surely gives a brand new definition to “The Man In Black.”

Midnight blue tuxedo is by default any Oscar attendee’s go to option when they want to look sharp, but to look amazing in it is another thing. To date, Redmayne is still the prince of midnight blue tuxedo, thanks to his appearance in the 2012 Oscar’s red carpet.

You think you know how to look cool until you see Samuel L. Jackson pulling off probably the best use of velvet during the Oscars. Looks like the late Hugh Heffner’s signature bathrobe got a tier 99 upgrade.

We predict that this look will seriously be a classic look when people are searching for the best dressed or stylish male to ever grace the Oscar’s red carpet in the next five to ten years. Oh and the shoes that he’s wearing are the essential part of the suit revolution that is just so on point!

Neil Patrick Harris, 2015

The 2015 Oscars presented a rather classic gallery of stylish and best dressed leading Hollywood men, but coming out on top is Neil Patrick Harris wearing this dandy gray shawl-collared suit by Brunello Cucinelli; looking like he’s a part of Danny Ocean’s crew and about to rob the Oscars.

Truth be told, 2017 wasn’t the year where we get to see that much of outstanding dressed male actors in particular at the Oscars. But Ryan Gosling—being Ryan Gosling—was managed to stand out from the crowd by bringing back the ruffled tux shirt into the occasion. And have you seen him wearing a mighty fine white bow tie when he presented an award at the 2016 Oscar?

We’d pretty much understand how Mahershala Ali would eventually become the oustanding face of Ermenegildo Zegna. If there was an lifetime achievement for the best outfit with a hat on the red carpet, we surely know who’s going to win it. And that optical aviator glass? Nice touch!

Bellhop boy outfit? Try a dapper pajama that’s made to fulfill you dream of walking on the Oscar’s red carpet. See other trendsetting outfits at the Oscars so far that we’ve managed to list.

Brad Pitt, 2020

What makes 2020 a better year for Brad Pitt than winning his first-ever Oscar? Being there with his sophisticated velvet Berluti tux, that’s tight!