Oscar 2012 Preview: DVD review – ‘A Better Life’

Oscar 2012 Preview: ‘A Better Life‘ stars Academy Award Nominee for Best Actor Demian Bichir and Jose Julian and was directed by Chris Weitz.

Academy Award Preview 'A-Better-Life' DA MAN

Mexican Telenova veteran Demian Bichir (Che) stars in this Oscar-contending drama about a
Mexican immigrant gardener/single dad trying to make it in America.

It certainly pulls at the heart strings. Bichir has been nominated for Best Actor and stands a decent chance, especially when you consider that most of the Academy’s decision-makers also have Mexican
gardeners at their Beverly Hills mansions and… well, let’s just say they might feel
somewhat obliged.

That definitely does not take away from the excellent work by Bichir, but what does is the film’s myriad Spanglish cliches. Nonetheless, it’s definitely worth seeing.

Official HD trailer: