Essentials: 5 simple footwear rules

Although fashion’s rule of thumb is personal styling, there are several general commandments you’d better stick to when it comes to shoes.


Missoni FW14

1. Forget sandal-and-sock pairing

No matter how comfortable wearing the two together is, do not attempt to pair any of your sandals with socks. If it is cold outside, just put your shoes on.


Bally Udal

Bally‘s red is one good example

2. Always pick the darker shade of red

Red shoes are almost always a challenge to pull off, unless you are a rapper. And when you insist on obtaining a pair, we suggest you to select the maroon or oxblood variation.


Slvr hybrid shoes

3. Stay away from hybrid shoes

The formal shoes meet sneakers may sound like a fun idea, but wearing it can make you look like someone who cannot make up his mind.


Prada 2011

These iconic Prada men shoes have thick soles … and not everyone can sport them

4. Thick sole is not for everybody

Height can be a source of insecurity for men. However, it does not automatically command you to compensate your lack of height with extra thick soles. Confidence is always the key.

Antton & Co

5. Experiment with colorful socks

Crazy patterns or extra bold colors on shoes only suit several groupies and potentially fail you. So, the only way you can show your witty side is through the playful hint of socks.

Other photo credits: Missoni, Adidas and Antton & Co