Essentials: 5 fashion accessories to go with the moustache

The moustache: Once associated with 1980s sleaze culture, the upper lip facial hair comes back with a vengeance and is not showing any signs of going away. Having reached a cult-like status, the moustache has become much like a fashion accessory, making a statement while lending certain old-school panache. Here we collate accessories that go well with it and examine the effects each accessory imparts on the overall look.


1. Beret

US actors Amber Heard (C) and Johnny Dep

Popularized by Francophile Johnny Depp, the beret, when combined with the moustache, lends a bohemian, Lost Generation vibe to the hat-sporting chap.



2. Bow tie

bow tie 2


There is a certain classic look that goes with the bow tie. The moustache takes it up another notch and transforms the guy wearing a quirky tie to an irresistible man with endless charm.


3. Regular tie

regular tie


The upper lip hair, when paired with a regular tie, recalls but one distinct image: Wall Street in its heyday.


4. Glasses



A compelling juxtaposition: The symbol of manhood and an optical device associated with bookish young adults. When paired, the result of the marriage is the very picture of an intellectual mature man.


5. Earrings



The tricky accessory, when partnered with the moustache, could slip into the Aladdin territory, with its wearer resembling a genie in the Arabic tale. The key is understated simplicity. Choose the earring with the right amount of bling to go with a sparse moustache for a polished look.