Oakley’s New Smart Sunglasses

Oakley’s New Sunglasses are Basically a Gym Coach that Won’t Shout at You (Unless they go “Terminator” at you)


Oakley x Intel Radar Pace


Together with Intel, Oakley has developed a pair of smart sunglasses.

Named the Radar Pace, the sunglasses are created as some kind of a training buddy, motivator and coach for an athlete or anyone looking to do some serious exercising. They’re installed with a real-time voice-activated coaching system that will provide you with personalized instructions and whatnot.


Oakley x Intel Radar Pace-side


When connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth, the sunglasses will work by calculating the condition of your surroundings before planning the ideal workout routine and recording your performance.

On top of that, the sunglasses’ colorful Prizm Lens look hella cool.


Oakley x Intel Radar Pace-front


The Radar Pace is already available on Oakley’s official website.