Now Bikers Can be Fashionable Too!

RIDE WITH STYLE. Stepping away from custom motorcycles, Bali based MalaMadre Motorcycles is now venturing into the world of fashion, providing bikers a fashionable way to ride

Catalogue Malamadre The essence MD-27

As its name clearly implies, MalaMadre Motorcycles specializes in motorcycles—custom motorcycles to, be exact. Earlier this year, however, the Bali-based brand made its first detour into the world of fashion and released a clothing line based on the MalaMadre DNA. The line includes a wide selection of T-shirts bearing various designs—from the brand’s logo to illustrations of its bikes accompanied by slogans referring to the joys of riding—jeans and accessories such as bags, baseball caps and belt with a most impressive buckle. MalaMadre Motorcycles’ fashion items are available at Galleries Lafayette, Pacific Place mall, Jakarta.