Nixon’s New Star Wars Collection is Every Geek’s Dream Come True

Nixon releases the “sequel” to its Star Wars watch collection


Rebel Pilot Unit


Star Wars Day may have passed but that doesn’t mean you can’t take the Force with you anywhere. Nixon has recently unveiled the second batch of the brand’s authorized Star Wars collection, and it’s basically a geek’s dream come true.

As the brand mentions in its official website, “Details matter most.” And details are the very thing that separates these watches from other Star Wars-themed collections. The strap of the 44mm Rebel Pilot Unit watch, for instance, has the exact color of a Rebel Pilot’s orange uniform and the Rebel Pilot insignia on the side of the watch. Death Star appears on the dials of the 37mm Death Star Time Teller SW, Death Star 51-30 and Death Star Ranger watches. Other types of watches are also completed with Star Wars references that every fan will appreciate.


Left: Death Star Ranger
Right: Death Star Time Teller


nixon death star 51-30
Death Star 51-30


nixon millenium falcon time teller
Millenium Falcon Time Teller


Darth Vader Super Unit


While above watches are already available, Nixon will add even more pieces to the collection. The new watches, displayed below, will be available at the end of this month.


nixon millenium falcon time 46
Millennium Falcon The 46


nixon millenium falcon the ranger chrono
Millennium Falcon The Ranger Chrono


nixon millenium falcon sentry
Millennium Falcon Sentry


nixon darth vader ultra tide
Darth Vader Ultra Tide