Nine Steps to a Healthier Body

Many people are looking for that quick fix to a healthy body, but that’s not realistic. Here are nine lifestyle tips that affect your fitness regime, overall look and health.
By Gavin Watterson

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of factors involved in successful diet and training programs, whatever your goals. There are inevitably good ways, bad ways or smart ways of approaching any particular individual program. Many health tips apply to everyone across the board, and by simply adhering to such simple things you don’t even need a gym membership to lose weight. You can just as easily get results at home altering nutritional ratios, lifestyle, changing habits and abiding by certain rules.

There are many influential factors important in helping you achieve weight loss. Ways that heavily influence results achieved. These factors tip the scales (excuse the pun) by stacking the odds in your favor. These are the real secrets of permanent weight loss! Many of which are outlined in the list below. The success of any program is largely dependent on the correct advice taken, and certainly not a “one size fits all” approach. Below are numerous important factors to consider for a healthy fitness regime that inevitably will include fat loss.

1. Clean water

Try to drink bottled, filtered, distilled or reverse-osmosis water only. This is due to micro-organisms and bacteria present in normal tap water. Also, chemicals such as fluoride, chlorine and chloramines are added to tap water for their disinfectant properties! These things are actually poisons that your body can do without. It is far too expensive to “purify” an entire city’s tap water thoroughly or properly, therefore chemicals are added just for this reason to make it safe enough to drink.

2. Stay properly hydrated

Related to the tip above, this is probably the most important tip for improving general health, increasing energy levels and weight-loss of all time! So, for this, I will go into a bit more detail, due to its importance and the level to which some people take it for granted. Incredible as it may seem, water is the single most important catalyst in losing weight and keeping it off! Although most of us take it for granted, water may be the only true magic potion for permanent weight loss. It is estimated that our bodies may contain as high as 70 to 80 percent water, If you do not drink enough on a daily basis or consume too many salts and nitrates (from processed meats), the result is water retention. We lose water constantly, 24 hours a day, via exhaled breath, perspiration as well as excreting urine and feces.

It is imperative to keep our levels topped up on an hourly basis to maintain good health. Water suppresses appetite naturally and helps with the metabolizing of stored fat. Studies show that a decrease in water intake will cause fat deposits to increase, while increasing water intake actually reduces fat deposits! Here’s why: The kidneys can’t function properly without water. If they cannot work to full capacity, some of this filtering, processing and system metabolizing is dumped onto the liver (making it work over time and producing many toxins and other nasty side effects). When your water level is properly maintained (hydration) in the body, it gives muscles their tone and natural ability to contract. It also prevents dehydration (a major cause of most headaches). It also helps prevent sagging skin that usually follows weight loss. The shrinking skin cells and collagen are buoyed by water, which plumps the skin leaving it clear, healthy and radiant—and no need for Botox, which does exactly the same thing. If you want to calculate the minimum amount of water you should be drinking daily, take your bodyweight in kilograms, multiply that by 0.03 and you get the minimum liters per day. For example: if you are 100 kilograms, then your body requires a minimum of three liters of clean water.

3. Don’t ‘nuke’ your food

NEVER use Microwave ovens! The actual micro-waves change the molecular structure of foods by literally irradiating them. This not only denatures the food, but it also poisons the food by synthesizing it.

4. No ‘offending’ carbs

Radically reduce, or remove completely, wheat (gluten) and other grains and sugars from your diet. This is certainly necessary if you feel constantly bloated or have a permanently distended stomach. If so, you may have food intolerance or possibly a fungal infection. Reducing certain types of offending carbohydrates can help reduce these symptoms.

5. Quiet time

Try spending 10 minutes a day with your eyes closed in a quiet room. During that time, practice self-hypnosis, just meditating on each breath. By relaxing and slowing down your breathing, performing deep “belly” breathing, it can reduce stress and lower cortisol (A stress hormone). It also slows down your heart rate, making you feel less anxious & help reduce blood pressure.

6. Small meals

If you want to lose more weight healthily without starving yourself, try eating five or six smaller meals rather than two or three big meals. It is a proven fact that this helps you to reduce weight by raising your metabolic rate (and it’s the key to the ‘French Paradox’). This meaning you burn more calories at rest!

7. Go organic

Try to eat as much food as you can from fresh organic sources. Try, at the very least, to avoid processed foods (canned, packaged, artificial-flavor enhanced, preservatives or additives etc.). Toxins from processing will be found in 95 percent or more of all commercial food products you eat! Check out the World Health Organization’s website for more info on this.

8. Avoid chemicals

Avoid direct contact with chemicals by wearing rubber gloves or masks when using basic household cleaning products. Chemicals get absorbed by your skin or inhaled and even get ingested. Always consider what type of shower gel, shampoo, deodorant, aftershave, perfume, household chemicals or cleaners you are using. Keep those things as natural or chemical-free as possible.

9. Get a detox kick-start

By getting a full detox, it will give you a kick start or a new lease on life! Renew your gym membership or change to a more fitness-oriented one, or if that is not an option, at least engage in some form of physical exercise three to five times a week. Get at least 30 minutes of this moderate activity in one go. It is to do some kind of enjoyable activity that makes you perspire or that at least raises your heart rate, making you slightly breathless. Try to do some kind of gentle physical activity everyday such as walking, swimming, stair climbing or shopping.

DA MAN October/November 2010 issue

Gavin Watterson is a “Lifestyle Consultant,” a new breed of advanced personal trainer. Look for his highly anticipated new book entitled Reboot Your Bod, which will be available on his website at Ultimate Fitness Singapore.