Nico Rosberg: F1 prodigy’s fashion touch

At the youthful age of 12, Nico Rosberg became a Karting champion in France, and by the time he reached age 17 in December 2002, he had become the youngest professional F1 driver. Now he’s a global celebrity and Thomas Sabo ambassador. By Refa Koetin

For more than a year now, amiable F1 driver Nico Rosberg has been the brand ambassador of world-renowned fashion accessories label Thomas Sabo. Rosberg told DA MAN how it call came to pass. “Thomas has always been a big fan of sports in general and I was looking for a personal sponsor at the time, so that’s how it happened. That’s how the two connections happened.”

As his career has progressed, Rosberg has also worked to get quality sponsors. For most racers, or any sportsman, in general, this is not always an easy process. Both sides have to at least have the same interest in order for them to agree on things and envision the same goals and objectives. Rosberg felt that he was fortunate to have found a good fit with Thomas Sabo. “It is a good fit for both of us and it’s been working out very well. Very often, a personal sponsor doesn’t really fit the benefactor, but in this case I’m very happy because it’s a really good fit.”

Aside from having the same interest in sports, what else makes this partnership a good fit? “Very simple. Because even if the brand wasn’t my sponsor, I would buy the cool jewelry and wear it myself anyway … at night when I go out, for example.”

The style of Thomas Sabo’s jewelry collection is unique and as diverse as life itself. Regardless of the occasion, each independent piece of the jewelry complements another and are perfect for festive events, stylish with business outfits or with leisure looks. The versatility of the brand has done well to attract professionals the likes of Rosberg. “I knew about the brand (before he became brand ambassador) and I’ve always thought it’s a cool brand.”

Interestingly, his father (Keke Rosberg), who was the F1 world champion in 1982, is also fond of the brand. “My father bought some very nice jewelry pieces from Thomas Sabo for my mother. I thought they were really great and that’s how I knew of the brand.”

Ever since he became the brand ambassador for Thomas Sabo, Rosberg has been busy. “I’ve been going to Thomas Sabo events and parties wearing the pieces that I enjoy so much. I also do photo shoots to help portray the stories of the brand. Another interesting event is when I took Sabo’s top clients in the UK for a spin in a real racing car and real racing track. It’s great to see their enthusiasm about the sport.”

‘It’s cool’

Without any flowery or marketing talk, Rosberg shared his views about the essence of Thomas Sabo products and how they truly connect to him personally. “The brand is always adapting to the changing of times. They’re always moving forward and bringing new stuff all the time. It’s very contemporary. Another thing I like is that although it’s a big company, it’s very close-knit; like a family. The story is very amazing.”

In addition to having a wonderful global working environment, Thomas Sabo is also a brand that believes in giving back. “[Thomas Sabo] supports charity a lot, especially in Germany. The company built a big house there that is dedicated to helping single mothers raise their children. I was very involved in that and it was a great experience,” Rosberg explains.

Rosberg shared his creative side when he told us what he would create if he were given a chance to design some Thomas Sabo accessories. “I’d probably create a bracelet. A really cool one in leather with an engraving of my logo. It’s going to be masculine and very sporty. It would one of those collector pieces for fans of Thomas Sabo and F1.”

Actually, we might see that very piece he’s describing soon, because Mr. Sabo and Rosberg have already started talking about him designing a unique signature piece. “My vision is to create more awareness for the brand through the racing that I’m doing—through F1. If they see me associated with Thomas Sabo, then hopefully they will visit the boutique, find some pieces that they like—which they will—and then buy it,” says, Rosberg sharing his vision for his partnership with Thomas Sabo.

The making of a racer

As mentioned previously, Rosberg became a Karting champion in France at 12, eventually becoming the youngest F1 driver. Being the son of 1982 F1 world champion Keke Rosberg, who has shrewdly guided his career, Nico Rosberg’s racing career has never strayed from the only place he was born to be: the fast lane.

Young Rosberg showed some very promising potential wielding the tennis racket before he took up the steering wheel while living in Monaco. However, the talented youngster opted to take up Karting as it dovetailed neatly with his education. He spent five seasons in the discipline before moving up to proper cars in 2002 to contest the BMW Formula series in Germany.

 It was in the 2005 season that Rosberg really came of age. Away from the familiar surroundings of his father’s team, he eventually decided to join F3 graduates ART for the newly introduced GP2 series. Adapting very quickly with the new racing environment, the young Rosberg delivered a win at Magny Cours, followed by another victory at Silverstone. Before he knew it, he was a championship contender.

In 2005, Rosberg put on an impressive performance during his test role for Williams and he was chosen to partner with Mark Webber on the team for 2006. Although at times he had to fight tooth-and-nail to keep up, Rosberg was hyped as the next big thing in F1 racing. He experienced firsthand the overwhelming pressure and fierce competition of the ‘big leagues’ and he has persevered. It’s this spirit of toughness and talent that make him an ideal ambassador for the chic and masculine jewelry of Thomas Sabo.