News: Salvatore Ferragamo Creates an Online Series “A Man’s Story”

RULE BREAKERS. “Making your own rules” sounds like a simple premise to live by, but those who truly follow this maxim can go far in life. Salvatore Ferragamo is one of them

Salvatore Ferragamo "A Man's Story"

Salvatore Ferragamo "A Man's Story" Henrik Lundqvist

Salvatore Ferragamo "A Man's Story" Douglas Booth

The founder of his namesake brand followed his beliefs and made his own rules to establish one of the most reputable brands in the industry. To celebrate a century’s worth of rule breakers, photographer and filmmaker Francesco Carrozzini, working under the brand’s creative director Massimiliano Giornetti, created an online series titled “A Man’s Story.” In it are stylish, modern men who each resonate with the brand’s history. Actor Douglas Booth, musician A$AP Rocky, athlete Henrik Lundqvist, artist Ryan McGinley and a handful of names from the art world tell their SCAN compelling life-changing stories in an intimate setting.