New Seasonal Scarf Collection by Hermès

SENSE OF AN OBJECT. Set yourself some time (preferably an hour or two) to immerse yourself in Hermès’ spring/summer 2017 collection of silk scarves for men

Sense of an Object

Featuring designs by multiple artists such as Karen Petrossian and Daisuke Nomura, each scarf tells a different story and message. Take the Route 24 scarf in wool and silk designed by the Greek artist Elias Kafouros: The illustration (which is drawn entirely by pen) invites you on a motorcycle ride to explore new horizons as it delves upon the subject of freedom and exploration.

Same goes for the Les Bains d’Hermès scarf in silk and cotton, which features hundreds of people playing and bathing inside a vertiginous perspective pool (inspired by the stepwells of Chand Baori in Rajasthan, India). Designed by the surrealist artist Ugo Gattoni, the scarf allows you to sink yourself in the pool to find out the humor behind the illustration.