New Dior Phone: Sci-Fi Luxury

Celebrated fashion house Christian Dior has launched the new Dior Phone, a compact, high-performance luxury touch smartphone, another prestigious addition to the fashion house’s couture mobile phone line.

With complex and intelligent constructions of 99 pieces assembled by hand using only the finest and most precious materials of crystal, steel, gold, diamond and mother-of-pearl, the phone is a well-made work of art that reflects the Dior spirit of design mastery. Reminiscent of the Napoleon III chairs on which Monsieur Dior’s clients sat during his first show in 1947, the Dior Caning motif is finely chiseled in the signature sapphire crystal, producing and incredibly luminous effect.

No less than the sophisticated design is the impressive technology that it houses. With a 3.2-inch multi-touch LCD screen able to project 16 million colors, 3G+, Quad band, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capability, GPS and Google Maps support and fitted with a video recorder and an auto-focusing five-megapixel camera with stabilizer, the new Dior phone is much more than eye candy.