New Balance Shifts Production from Shoes to Masks

More and more brands are doing their part in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. New Balance has now joined the fray to tip the balance in our favor.

It has been quite heartening to see the rise of fashion brands rising to the challenge of these trying times, whether through donations or repurposing their manufacturing capabilities towards producing much-needed necessities like hand sanitizer or masks. Almost every day, we hear about a new company joining the fight; and today, it’s American sportswear brand New Balance. The Boston-based brand has developed and is currently scaling production of a general-use face mask as demand for personal protective equipment (PPE) continues to intensify.

“The global COVID-19 health crisis has called on individuals and organizations to bring their expertise and resources to solve new and extraordinary challenges. New Balance has engaged its skilled and innovative U.S. manufacturing workforce to develop face masks to address the significant demand for these supplies,” the brand said in an official statement.

The brand is advancing its current face mask design and materials specifications to meet FDA requirements and achieve a product that can be confidently used by frontline medical staff. Simultaneously, New Balance is quickly responding to calls for other PPE products including gowns and foot coverings, among other items.