New All-Natural Multi-Purpose Balm from Body Shop

 ALL IN ONE. Like all Body Shop products, this product is all-natural, and claims to help nourish your skin whatever its type 


Inspired by the Amazonian communities who relied on natural oils to take care of their skin, the new Body Shop Amazonian Savior Multi-Purpose Balm is made up of nine natural-origin oils and waxes, including organic babassu oil and organic andiroba oil from Brazil. As the multi-purpose part of the name suggests you can basically use this 100-percent vegetarian balm for nearly anything. From reviving the appearance of your tattoos to nourishing patches of dry skin, the product will also help you improve the general appearance of your skin and get rid of stretch marks. The Body Shop has also introduced three different massages—namely the infinity, hashtag and raindrops massage—specifically designed to help alleviate different skin conditions. Also notable is that with every purchase of this product, you will contribute towards building a bio-bridge (a wildlife corridor that reconnects isolated animals and plant species) in Batang Toru, Indonesia and India.


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